Road to Rehab is a specialty service providing Occupational Therapy Driver Assessment and Rehabilitation for people following an injury, illness or disability which may have affected their ability to drive.

This service aims to help people continue or return to driving safely and legally.

Assessments are conducted by Elissa Clark, driver trained Occupational Therapist.

Road to Rehab will provide the following:
·         a comprehensive off road assessment (driving history, physical, visual, and cognitive screens)
·         an on road driving assessment (with an Occupational Therapist and a disability trained driving instructor)
·         A Driver rehabilitation program
·         Assessment of driving modifications e.g. steering modifications and hand controls
·         Assessment of vehicle access modifications to help you enter and exit your vehicle safely with your disability (as a driver or as a passenger)

For more information about this service and fees please contact Elissa Clark, 0421 233 203 or email: